1. Capacity building of members and county assemblies on human rights legislation.
2. Legislation and advocacy for economic, social, and political rights including gender mainstreaming.
3. Monitoring, benchmarking, and documentation of state compliance with human rights treaty obligations.
4. Fact finding missions on thematic human rights issues such as security and administration of justice.
5. Conduct annual audits on government’s implementation of human rights reports such as TJRC, Ransley, Madoka, Ndung’u and other reports.
Legislative Priorities 2015-2018

  • National Human Rights Policy
  • Anti-Terrorism Act
  • Citizenship and Immigration (Amendment) Act
  • Children’s (Amendment) Act
  • Protection Against Domestic Violence Act
  • Constitutional Amendment on 2/3rd Gender Rule
  • Refugees (Amendment) Act
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Bill